Master's degree in Water and Ground Science & Technology

Attention: Master's degree not offered in the 2022-23 academic year.

The main objective of the Master in Water and Land Science and Technology is to respond to the growing demand, in the Region of Murcia and its surroundings, of university graduates who are experts in certain aspects of land science and technology that are closely related among them: the global management of water resources, the rational and environmental management of the abundant natural resources of the area and the rational construction of works and infrastructures linked to the land and the management of the mentioned resources, and all this from an environmental perspective only conservationist but promoter or recuperator.

This is intended to provide postgraduate training of high technical and scientific level that allows the specialization of graduates in professional fields that constitute a transversal and complementary training to the degree studies currently offered by the Higher Technical School of Road Engineering, Channels and Ports and Mining Engineering.

The Master also offers the possibility for the student to specialize by following one of these two itineraries:

  • Specialization in Water and Water Resources, whose main objective is to provide the fundamental scientific and technical concepts on aspects in the operation of the water cycle and on the actions that human beings can perform for their use in the field of environmental conservation.
  • Specialization in Land and Natural Resources, whose objective is to provide transversal skills on aspects or matters related to the land and natural resources, thus the acquisition of knowledge in basic disciplines on the characterization of the land and natural resources that may be applied in different previous stages of characterization in industries or activities involved with the production and management of natural resources.