Doctorate in Technology and Modeling in Civil, Mining and Environmental Engineering

Curriculum verified by the National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation and accredited by the Autonomous Community of the Region of Murcia according to Decree No. 150/2014, of May 23.


The competences to be acquired by doctoral students are in line with those required to grant the Doctor's Degree and with the qualifications established in the European Higher Education Area through the Spanish Qualifications Framework for Higher Education (MECES).

Basic skills

The BASIC COMPETENCES to be acquired by the doctoral students of the program are:

  1. Systematic understanding of a field of study and mastery of the research skills and methods related to that field.
  2. Ability to conceive, design or create, implement and adopt a substantial process of research or creation.
  3. Ability to contribute to the expansion of the frontiers of knowledge through an original investigation.
  4. Ability to perform a critical analysis and evaluation and synthesis of new and complex ideas.
  5. Ability to communicate with the academic and scientific community and with society in general about their fields of knowledge in the modes and languages ¿¿commonly used in their international scientific community.
  6. Ability to promote, in academic and professional contexts, scientific, technological, social, artistic or cultural progress within a knowledge-based society.

Personal Capabilities and Skills

PhD students will have acquired at least the following skills and abilities:

  1. Develop in contexts where there is little specific information.
  2. Find the key questions to answer to solve a complex problem.
  3. Design, create, develop and undertake innovative and innovative projects in their field of knowledge.
  4. Work both as a team and autonomously in an international or multidisciplinary context.
  5. Integrate knowledge, face complexity and make judgments with limited information.
  6. The criticism and intellectual defense of solutions.

Other Competencies Title Features

Acquisition of previous competences, abilities or skills in a specific field of knowledge of Civil Engineering, Mining and Environment.