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MSc in Civil Engineering

MSc in Civil Engineering

The Master is composed of 120 ECTs:

  • 96 ECTs from compulsory courses.
  • 16.5 ECTs may be chosen from one of the following three elective course blocks
    • Structural and Geotechnical Engineering
    • Hydraulic Engineering
    • Transport and urban planning
  • 7.5 ECTs for the Master's Thesis.

This degree comprises the following courses:

Semester 1

Mathematical methods in civil engineering (6 ECTs)

Structural analysis (7.5 ECTs)

Soil mechanics and foundations (6 ECTs)

Engineering and management of transport (6 ECTs)

History, art and aesthetics of civil engineering (4.5 ECTs)

Semester 2

Analysis of free surface flow (7.5 ECTs)

Concrete construction (6 ECTs)

Planning and maintenance of infrastructures (6 ECTs)

Urban and land planning (6 ECTs)

Legislation and regulations in civil engineering (4.5 ECTs)

Semester 3

Advanced structural analysis (6 ECTs)

Steel and composite steel and concrete construction (6 ECTs)

Dams and reservoirs (6 ECTs)

Ports and coasts (6 ECTs)

Elective courses (7.5 ECTs)

Hydraulic and hydrologic system analysis (elective) (3 ECTs)

Modelling and simulation in hydraulic structures (elective) (4.5 ECTs)

Bridges (elective) (4.5 ECTs)

The Finite Element Method in structural engineering (elective) (3 ECTs)

Intersections and grade-separated interchanges in road networks (elective) (4.5 ECTs)

Land planning and management (elective) (3 ECTs)

Semester 4

Sanitation engineering (6 ECTs)

Advancing planning and management of water resources (6 ECTs)

Elective courses (9 ECTs)

Hydropower Engineering (elective) 4.5 ECTs)

River engineering (elective) 4.5 ECTs)

Structural and constructive typology (elective) 4.5 ECTs)

Special foundations (elective) 4.5 ECTs)

Urban substructures and utilities (elective) 4.5 ECTs)

Landscape engineering (elective) 4.5 ECTs)

Master's Thesis (7.5 ECTs)

For more information about the degree, lecturers and available laboratories you can find more information in the Spanish web page.